About us

Welcome to Blens - Your creative hub

We are Blens, a company built with the vision of empowering visual creatives and bringing their talent into the spotlight. Our name, an acronym for "Behind the Lens", encapsulates our commitment to supporting the creative minds behind the lens and helping them navigate the unique challenges they face in their professional journey.

Our Story

Born out of a deep understanding of the struggles visual creatives face, Blens was established to provide a comprehensive solution to these challenges. We saw talented individuals grappling with inconsistent work opportunities, complex finance management, security concerns over payments, and the overwhelming task of managing bookings and schedules. We knew there had to be a better way - and so, Blens was born.

Meet the Founders


Benson Egemonye

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Justice Odia

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Kingsley Okon

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Tami Odunlami

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the business side of creativity. We aim to provide a centralized platform where visual creatives can showcase their work, connect with potential clients, and manage their professional lives with ease. We believe that by handling the logistical aspects, we can free creatives to focus on what they do best - create.

How We Help

  • Showcase Your Talent: At Blens, we provide a stage for your creativity. Our platform allows you to display your best work, helping you stand out and attract potential clients.
  • Efficient Bookings: Blens simplifies the process of managing schedules, bookings, and payments, allowing creatives to focus more on their craft and less on administration.
  • Send Invoices: With Blens, you can easily create and send invoices to clients, ensuring a smooth and professional transaction process.
  • Centralize Communications: Our platform includes a built-in messaging system, making it easy to keep track of client interactions and streamline your processes.

Join us and let's revolutionize the way visual creatives work and thrive. We're excited to be part of your creative journey!


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