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What is Blens?
Blens (pronounced /blɛnz/) is a web-based marketplace and CRM for visual artists, specifically photographers and videographers. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and for customers to book photo/video shoot sessions online.
Who can use Blens?
Blens is designed for both customers and creatives. Customers can use Blens to browse creatives, view portfolios, and book sessions. Creatives, on the other hand, can use Blens to showcase their work, manage their portfolio, and interact with potential customers.
How does Blens work?
Customers can browse through available creatives, view their portfolio and session types, and book a session. Creatives can manage their portfolio and sessions, approve orders, modify their order progress and also send invoices to their clients which they can pay from. Payments are processed and managed using Stripe.
How can creatives build their portfolio on Blens?
Creatives can easily build their portfolio on Blens by uploading their work. They can add and remove pictures in their portfolio, and manage their portfolio by editing pictures in given categories that can also be customized.
Can creatives manage their bookings on Blens?
Yes, creatives can manage their bookings on Blens. They can create session types which can be booked by customers, approve orders by customers and modify their order progress. They can also view the order details and progress.
How does Blens handle payments?
Payments are processed and managed using Stripe. The system provides convenient payment methods such as Google and Apple Pay in addition to debit and credit cards.
What kind of work can creatives showcase on Blens?
Creatives can showcase any of their photography or videography work on Blens. This includes but is not limited to portraits, landscapes, event photography, product photography, and more.
Does Blens have a mobile app?
Currently, we are focusing on the development of the Blens website. However, we have plans to develop a mobile app in the future to provide a more convenient experience for our users.
Are there any size restrictions for uploading work on Blens?
Yes, the current restrictions for uploading a single picture is 10,000 x 10,000 pixels and unlimited total size for portfolios. However, these numbers are subject to change in the future.


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